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Customize Cluster Sizing Policies

Cost-saving recommendations provide a suggested plan to reduce your cloud bill. It tries to create the highest density plan for your cluster, i.e. the maximum number of containers with least VM capacity. Sometimes you want to adjust this policy and may be spread your containers on more nodes, or increase the resources buffer you want to consider for your cluster.

Step 1 - Go To Cluster Settings

The cost-saving recommendations are focused on maximizing your savings based on generic policies. It works initially to increase the density of your containers by decreasing the number of nodes whenever possible. However, you can configure it to match your specific environment needs. To tweak those policies to your needs, go to the cluster dashboard and click on the settings icon at the top right corner.

Step 2 - Adjust Sizing Policies

Below is the Node Advisor settings box. Each cluster has its own Node advisor settings. Settings change will be applied to the next analysis cycle.

  • Analysis Frequency sets how frequently do you want the node advisor to scan your infrastructure and generate a detailed report
  • Allocation Policy instructs the Node Advisor if you would like to optimize for the least number of nodes to reduce cluster management overheads, or if you want to spread your capacity on the maximum number of nodes for higher resiliency.
  • Desired cluster size gives you control on the maximum number of nodes that you would like to have for your cluster. It is handy if you don't want to exceed a certain number of nodes due to financial or technical limitations.
  • Desired CPU and memory buffer allows you to set a safety buffer for the Node Advisor to consider while calculating needed capacity. For example, if you want the Node Advisor to target 80% CPU and memory utilization of the new recommended capacity, make the buffer value equal to 20%. Please note that it is not guaranteed to always get exactly the desired buffer. The Node Advisor will try to reach 80% utilization, but it will never recommend a capacity that would result in more than 80% capacity if you select 20% buffer.

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Customize Cluster Sizing Policies

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