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Explore Magalix Console

Magalix web console - 2 minutes read

The web console is a good place to start learning about the various features of Magalix. It offers a simple, user-friendly interface to manage your account and create apps. The Console homepage consists of the following areas:

  • Account Details
  • Connect Cluster
  • Time Range Selector
  • Navigation Bar
  • Main Dashboard

Account Details

The account details menu is located at the top right corner of the homepage. It provides a one-stop shop for managing your account, you can update profile, change, or reset password, email, and log out. This page also shows you your account id which may be required while raising a support ticket.

User Menu

User Menu

Connect Cluster

The connect cluster button is located at the top left of the home screen, the button provides access to the define cluster wizard.

Connect Cluster

Connect Cluster


The minimum time you can choose is last one hour and the maximum is the last four weeks.

Main Navigation Bar

The navigation menu is located on the left side of the homepage. It provides access to various specialized pages of the web console e.g. Namespaces, Clusters, Decisions, Billing, Alerts, etc.

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

Home Dashboard

The home screen provides an at glance overview of vital information related to connected clusters. It has multiple summary cards each provides high-level information of number of decisions generated, cpu and memory usage, status e.g. errors, not connected, etc. The charts can be filtered to provide a focused view of a specific cluster. The cluster table also provides details related to nodes, containers, capacity and allows navigation to a dedicated cluster dashboard with more details.

Time Range Selector

Allows you to select the time range for the data shown in the dashboard. The minimum time that you can choose is last one hour and the maximum is the last four weeks. The data on the dashboard is updated as soon as these values are changed.


Shows notifications of existing alerts related to state changes


The menu provides access to account-specific settings where you can change, update profile data, upgrade plan. It also allows you to change the login password, and account email.


Is the total number of decisions generated for the logged account along with the break-down count of decisions per each connected cluster.

Resource Usage

The resource usage charts provide an overall view of CPU and memory per connected cluster.


An entity overview for each connected cluster e.g. capacity, nodes, containers and also provides an entry point to the cluster's dashboard.


Provides a quick view of error & connection status of all connect clusters.

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Explore Magalix Console

Magalix web console - 2 minutes read

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